Venice Photography Meetup

Yay, first blog post! 
Throwback to my attempts to blog when I was a teenager. RIP my Xanga and LiveJournal accounts. Hopefully this blog doesn't crash and burn like those did haha.

This past weekend, I traveled down to Venice Beach to attend a SoCal photography meetup. It definitely wasn't what I expected. First off, there were ~30 people who RSVP'd, but there ended up being only ~6 of us. This ended up being great though, because I really got a chance to meet the other photographers, network, and work with the models. 

Speaking of the models - CRAZY story time. As soon as our main model arrived, I had an insane case of deja vu. I legit couldn't stop staring at her because I was so sure that I had seen her before somewhere. Turns out she and I worked on the same student thesis film back in Boston! I was the 1st AC, and she was the lead actress. Somehow we had ended up in the same place at the same time. It just goes to show how insanely small the world is.

Anyway, hope you enjoy these photos, and cheers to the start of this blog!