Adrienne & Piers - Graduation

Graduation - a time of tears, fears, and Piers. Yes that's right, my best friend, Piers, from back home just graduated and I knew that I had to be there. Adrienne (lol her nickname is Rube like I feel so weird even writing her real name out), who is also one of my besties (w/o testes), also just graduated! I knew that I absolutely positively had to give them a lil' bit of my love through #firmhugs and #dopephotos. (God, I'm so lame...) 
So, we took a stroll down Comm. Ave. in the beautiful sweaty-ass heat of Boston (It was legit 90+ degrees like what???) and found some pockets of gorgeous sunlight around central campus and on the Esplanade. We sang, we laughed, we reminisced - Truly nothing beats a photoshoot with people you know and love. 
Anyway, enough of my terrible blog-writing, please enjoy these photos, and Congratulations to the Class of 2017! 

:) <3