Tomik - Parking Lot

When 2017 started, I promised myself that I would do one thing: shoot more. I realized that a lot of my photography-related resolutions in the past have been too... ambitious? Let us take a moment to mourn the death of all the 365-day photo challenges that I started and let die throughout the years (RIP). But this year, I knew if I just promised myself to pick up my camera at least once a weekend, it was a promise that I could actually keep. 

I met Tom a couple weeks ago when I shot his boyfriend, Rocky. Thankfully, they both liked my photos, and Tom decided that he wanted a photoshoot for himself. I was more than happy to make this happen, because I mean - look at him. We planned to shoot at this awesome train museum up in Burbank where you can literally walk through old trains. Unfortunately though, the place closed legit an hour before we got there. But being the optimistic boy that I am, I noticed that the light in the museum's parking lot was #stunning, so I figured we might as well make the most of it! I absolutely love how these photos came out, and it definitely reminded me that you don't need an awesome location to create awesome images. 

ily fam <3
- dante