Haley - Japanese Garden

What's better than friendship? A'cappella friendship.

Haley is one of my best friends from college, and aside from being an incredible Soprano, she is also #stunning, #gorgeous, and a literal #model (kill me i'm so lame). We both moved out here to LA after graduating from BU, and this photoshoot was long overdue. 
Although we originally wanted to do a desert photoshoot (not to be confused with a dessert photoshoot, which btw I also want to do), we decided to do something a little more simple this time.

I found this awesome hidden gem in DTLA - it's a Japanese Garden on top of the Doubletree hotel. It was a beautiful oasis amidst the busy city, and it was a perfect location for this ~spring time photoshoot~.

Anyway, enjoy these photos of this beautiful gal!