Daniel - El Matador Beach

For the illest time, I've had this vision in my mind of a photoshoot on a beach @ sunset where a mattress lies washed up with a body lying on top. I think I saw something like it on Tumblr somewhere, but I've always always wanted to create it myself. 

Dan and I set out to make my vision a reality this past Saturday. We lugged his air mattress to his car, thinking that we could easily fold it and fit it in his car (we didn't have an air pump, so if we deflated it, there was no way to re-inflate). Boy were we wrong. Unfortunately, we had to ditch the mattress idea, but I was still optimistic. 

We arrived at El Matador Beach for the first time, astounded by its beauty, but equally astounded by the amount of people there. We had to wait until the sun dipped a fair amount and people had gotten their fill and left until we finally had enough of the beach to ourselves. 

The photos below are some of my favorite photos I've ever taken. I really tried focusing on getting as much emotion as I could inside each small frame. 

Huge shout out to my boo, Dan, for braving the cold water so I could capture these photos. :) <3