Emiko - Silverlake

I know I should probably leave and explore my neighborhood more often, but TBH Silverlake is just too damn beautiful. A little while ago, I had the pleasure of shooting my friend from BU, Emiko! She is a fine example of how biracial babies with a lil' bit of Asian reign supreme (lol 4realtho). I absolutely loved capturing her against the beautiful golden sunset. 

Medium Format - Mamiya RZ67 Pro II

A little over a month ago, I sold my newly purchased Fuji X-T20 and invested in my dream film camera - the Mamiya RZ67 Pro II. This thing is a BEAST and using it has been quite the learning curve, but I've never been so proud to own a piece of camera gear. For those of you that don't know, the Mamiya RZ67 is a medium format film camera. Basically this means that it takes a larger sized film than your classic 35mm film camera. Although I don't get as many shots per roll as I do with 35mm film, the quality of detail I get in each frame is #insane. Also, having so few shots per roll has taught me how to slow down and really take time to compose and expose a frame. It's slow, but therapeutic. I really felt like with every frame I took, I was creating #art, and not just snapping a cute pic, you know? Anyway, here's some of my favorite photos from my first two rolls of medium format film on my Mamiya RZ67 Pro II :)


AJ - Silverlake

After procrastinating on this blogpost for about a month, I've finally decided to finish it today and reward myself a $11 SweetGreen salad during lunch today :) (#helpme)

These photos are from a session I did with my new friend, AJ Friederich, who was by far the most prepared model I've ever worked with (dude brought like 10 outfit changes, it was incredible). I had been wanting to shoot in my backyard patio, and my surrounding neighborhood because Silverlake is insanely photogenic - especially when #goldenhour hits. Definitely going to try to have more low-key photoshoots here!

Adrienne & Piers - Graduation

Graduation - a time of tears, fears, and Piers. Yes that's right, my best friend, Piers, from back home just graduated and I knew that I had to be there. Adrienne (lol her nickname is Rube like I feel so weird even writing her real name out), who is also one of my besties (w/o testes), also just graduated! I knew that I absolutely positively had to give them a lil' bit of my love through #firmhugs and #dopephotos. (God, I'm so lame...) 
So, we took a stroll down Comm. Ave. in the beautiful sweaty-ass heat of Boston (It was legit 90+ degrees like what???) and found some pockets of gorgeous sunlight around central campus and on the Esplanade. We sang, we laughed, we reminisced - Truly nothing beats a photoshoot with people you know and love. 
Anyway, enough of my terrible blog-writing, please enjoy these photos, and Congratulations to the Class of 2017! 

:) <3

Tomik - Parking Lot

When 2017 started, I promised myself that I would do one thing: shoot more. I realized that a lot of my photography-related resolutions in the past have been too... ambitious? Let us take a moment to mourn the death of all the 365-day photo challenges that I started and let die throughout the years (RIP). But this year, I knew if I just promised myself to pick up my camera at least once a weekend, it was a promise that I could actually keep. 

I met Tom a couple weeks ago when I shot his boyfriend, Rocky. Thankfully, they both liked my photos, and Tom decided that he wanted a photoshoot for himself. I was more than happy to make this happen, because I mean - look at him. We planned to shoot at this awesome train museum up in Burbank where you can literally walk through old trains. Unfortunately though, the place closed legit an hour before we got there. But being the optimistic boy that I am, I noticed that the light in the museum's parking lot was #stunning, so I figured we might as well make the most of it! I absolutely love how these photos came out, and it definitely reminded me that you don't need an awesome location to create awesome images. 

ily fam <3
- dante

Haley - Japanese Garden

What's better than friendship? A'cappella friendship.

Haley is one of my best friends from college, and aside from being an incredible Soprano, she is also #stunning, #gorgeous, and a literal #model (kill me i'm so lame). We both moved out here to LA after graduating from BU, and this photoshoot was long overdue. 
Although we originally wanted to do a desert photoshoot (not to be confused with a dessert photoshoot, which btw I also want to do), we decided to do something a little more simple this time.

I found this awesome hidden gem in DTLA - it's a Japanese Garden on top of the Doubletree hotel. It was a beautiful oasis amidst the busy city, and it was a perfect location for this ~spring time photoshoot~.

Anyway, enjoy these photos of this beautiful gal!

Daniel - El Matador Beach

For the illest time, I've had this vision in my mind of a photoshoot on a beach @ sunset where a mattress lies washed up with a body lying on top. I think I saw something like it on Tumblr somewhere, but I've always always wanted to create it myself. 

Dan and I set out to make my vision a reality this past Saturday. We lugged his air mattress to his car, thinking that we could easily fold it and fit it in his car (we didn't have an air pump, so if we deflated it, there was no way to re-inflate). Boy were we wrong. Unfortunately, we had to ditch the mattress idea, but I was still optimistic. 

We arrived at El Matador Beach for the first time, astounded by its beauty, but equally astounded by the amount of people there. We had to wait until the sun dipped a fair amount and people had gotten their fill and left until we finally had enough of the beach to ourselves. 

The photos below are some of my favorite photos I've ever taken. I really tried focusing on getting as much emotion as I could inside each small frame. 

Huge shout out to my boo, Dan, for braving the cold water so I could capture these photos. :) <3

Venice Photography Meetup

Yay, first blog post! 
Throwback to my attempts to blog when I was a teenager. RIP my Xanga and LiveJournal accounts. Hopefully this blog doesn't crash and burn like those did haha.

This past weekend, I traveled down to Venice Beach to attend a SoCal photography meetup. It definitely wasn't what I expected. First off, there were ~30 people who RSVP'd, but there ended up being only ~6 of us. This ended up being great though, because I really got a chance to meet the other photographers, network, and work with the models. 

Speaking of the models - CRAZY story time. As soon as our main model arrived, I had an insane case of deja vu. I legit couldn't stop staring at her because I was so sure that I had seen her before somewhere. Turns out she and I worked on the same student thesis film back in Boston! I was the 1st AC, and she was the lead actress. Somehow we had ended up in the same place at the same time. It just goes to show how insanely small the world is.

Anyway, hope you enjoy these photos, and cheers to the start of this blog!